In Blood Relatives, all bonds are off when those closest to you commit the coldest of crimes. These teenagers, parents, spouses and siblings make sure to keep their loved ones in the family, by way of murder. From children who kill their mothers and fathers to parents who kill their sons and daughters, the love lost in each episode is palpable. Family members reveal their secrets behind the storybook façade, and create a compelling mystery that raises the question: is blood really thicker than water? (Source: Investigation Discovery).

The series premiered on June 7, 2012 and is narrated by Brenda Strong.

Season one aired on Fridays at 10/9pm, season 2 aired on Fridays at 10/9pm until episode 11 where it moved to Monday at 10/9pm, season 3 aired on Thursdays at 10/9pm.

Season 1Edit

1x01 - "My Brother's Keeper" (OAD: 06/07/2012)

1x02 - "Reap What You Sow" (OAD: 06/14/2012)

1x03 - "Blood is Thicker" (OAD: 06/21/2012)

1x04 - "Sins & Spurs" (OAD: 06/28/2012)

1x05 - "The Deep End" (OAD: 07/05/2012)

1x06 - "The Ties that Bind" (OAD: 07/12/2012)

Season 2Edit

2x01 - "Slitting Heirs" (OAD: 03/15/2013)

2x02 - "Saints & Sinngers" (OAD: 03/22/2013)

2x03 - "The Lies that Bind" (OAD: 03/29/2013)

2x04 - "Flesh and Blood" (OAD: 04/05/2013)

2x05 - "Paging Dr. Death" (OAD: 04/12/2013)

2x06 - "Family From Hell" (OAD: 04/19/2013)

2x07 - "Home Wrecker" (OAD: 04/26/2013)

2x08 - "Let's Slay Together" (OAD: 05/03/2013)

2x09 - "Dead Over Heels" (OAD: 05/10/2013)

2x10 - "Cradle to the Grave" (OAD: 05/17/2013)

2x11 - "Buzz Kill" (OAD: 06/10/2013)

2x12 - "Rest in Pieces" (OAD: 06/17/2013)

2x13 - "Devil Went to Georgia" (OAD: 06/24/2013)

Season 3Edit

3x01 - "4 Women & a Funeral" (OAD: 04/03/2014)

3x02 - "Murder Mansion" (OAD: 04/10/2014)

3x03 - "House of Lies" (OAD: 04/17/2014)

3x04 - "Home Sweet Homicide" (OAD: 04/24/2014)

3x05 - "Don't Kill the Messenger" (OAD: 05/01/2014)

3x06 - "Hell's Belles" (OAD: 05/08/2014)

3x07 - "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" (OAD: 05/15/2014)

3x08 - "Duct Tape Divorce" (OAD: 05/22/2014)

3x09 - "He Said, She's Dead!" (OAD: 05/29/2014)

3x10 - "Desperate Housewives Knives" (OAD: 06/05/2014)

3x11 - "Southern Helle" (OAD: 06/12/2014)

3x12 - "So Lonesome I Could Die" (OAD: 06/19/2014)

3x13 - "The Widowmaker" (OAD: 06/26/2014)